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Sophia recommends: “Buzz Boy and Fly Guy” by Tedd Arnold


Sophia says:

A boy named Buzz wrote a story called ‘Buzz Boy and Fly Guy’.  The story was about him and his pet fly.  They were superheroes.  In the story Buzz woke up and he was the same size as Fly Guy.  Fly Guy told Buzz Boy that pirates took their house to a dragon cave in the night while they were sleeping (I am guessing that Fly Guy had a midnight snack and that’s how he found out).  They fought the pirates, they got out of the cave, and made friends with the dragon.  The dragon flew their house back home.

I liked the book because they were able to get out of the pirate ship and they became friends with the dragon.  I think other kids will like the book too because it’s a good book!  



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Sophia recommends: “Clarence Goes Out West and Meets a Purple Horse” by Jean Ekman Adams

SophieSophia says:

Clarence is a pig who goes on a trip to a ranch.  He takes a bus and gets to the ranch too late for dinner.  He forgets his pillow but remembers his cloud hat.  The next day he has a big breakfast and meets Smoky, the purple horse.   Smoky teaches Clarence to ride him and they become good friends.  Smoky told Clarence that the ranch was going to sell him, so Clarence bought him with all his bus money. He rode Smoky back home and they became best friends.

I like this story because the pig and the horse became best friends.  The book made me feel sad at first, but happy in the end.

I really liked this book and I think other kids will like it also.”   9780873587532

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Matthew recommends: “Shark Wars” by EJ Altbacker

MatthewMatthew says:

Gary is a reef shark.  He keeps growing.  One day he goes in the deep blue to eat blue fin tuna (my favorite kind of tuna!) and gets banned from his shiver (a shiver is a group of sharks).  Then he finds a bunch of sharks that are rogues like him.  They make a shiver called rogue shiver.  Then they go to Goblin shiver’s territory.  The leader finds them and they are made to join the shiver or die.  He joins  but soon learns it is an evil shiver (music: dun dun dun dun), and this is the beginning of more adventures.

I loved this book because I love sharks and other life in the ocean (except for starfish – that would be boring).  It is the first in a series and I plan on reading all of the books.

I recommend this book to people who like adventure and those who like sharks.sharkwars-book-1-image-front

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Raphael recommends: “Wings of Fire: Dragonets of Destiny” by Tui T. Sutherland


Raphael says:

Five dragonets (dragon children) are stolen while still in their eggs to be raised by the talons of peace (an organization that wants to stop the war ) because they are the dragonets of the prophecy.  They are supposed to stop the war when they are full grown and choose one of three rival queens.  The war has been going on for 18 years when the book starts after the prologue.  The dragonets escape their caretakers and realize that the outside world is dangerous.  The book is about the challenges the dragonets face.

The highlight of the book is when the dragonets are taken prisoner and they escape.

The book is awesome because there is a lot of adventure.  It’s so exciting that I stayed up late reading it and finished the book in 2 days.

I recommend the book to people that like fantasy adventures.  I give the book 5 stars.


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Matthew recommends: “About Average” by Andrew Clements


Matthew says:

Andrew Clements is one of my favorite authors.  “About Average” is about a girl named Jordan who loves reading and is really nice and kind to people, but when she gets angry everyone is afraid of her because she looks like an exploding volcano.  Marlea, a girl at school, grabs Jordan’s private papers from the recycling bin and one paper lists what she is okay at, great at, and bad at.  Marlea teases her about what she’s great at and tells everyone in school about it. Jordan has to get through the last few weeks of school while Marlea is teasing her.

The best part of the book was when Marlea looked like at exploding volcano.  I enjoyed the book because it was funny.  The book teaches you to treat people nicely, and that you can hurt people’s feelings when you don’t.

I recommend the book for kids of all ages.  I give it 4 stars.


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Kid-Approved Books

I have 3 children – Raphael, age 12, Matthew, 9 and Sophia, 5.  They all love books.  In the past I would screen every new book before giving it to them, but my 2 boys are now reading so fast that I simply can’t keep up.

In this section I hope to post entries from my kids about books they enjoy.  Hopefully one of these will pique your own interest!


Matthew recommends:  “Popular Clone” by M.E. Castle




Matthew says:

‘Popular Clone’ is about a boy who gets bullied in school and makes a clone so that the clone gets to go through all that bullying while he gets to stay at home and work on experiments and eat junk.

I thought the book was funny and exciting.   The funniest part of the book was the dancing whales.  The most exciting part was when he had to save his clone in his spy suit and with his flying pig.

I give this book 4  1/2 stars out of 5.  I recommend this book for anyone who likes adventure stories and comedy.

Popular Clone










Raphael recommends:  The “Ranger’s Apprentice” Series by John Flanagan


Raphael says:

The series is about the adventures of 3 orphaned friends – Horace, Will and Alyss, and Will’s mentor, Halt.  Horace was will’s enemy until they became friends. The rangers are a service that patrol the 50 fiefs of Araluen (the country they live in, there are more countries in the series).   The series takes place in medieval times.  Will becomes a ranger, Horace becomes a knight, and  Alyss becomes a courier. They go through many adventures together, and some near-deaths.

What I like most about the books is there is a lot of action and adventure.  There are duels with swords and bows, lots of escaping out of prisons, and 3 major battles in the series.  It is them against a huge army.

My favorite character is Will.  He is smart, strong and fast.  (SPOILER ALERT!) He storms a castle and wins.  He plans a battle and trains archers and wins.  He faces off with 2 giant monsters and again wins. (And he is only 15-18 during these times).

Parts of the books can be pretty scary so I think you shouldn’t read these if you are younger than 10 or easily scared.

So far there are 11 books in this series and I enjoyed all of them.  I would give it 5 stars.

I would recommend the book to people who like action and adventure.