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The Fourth Trimester – AKA: Why Your Newborn is Only Happy in Your Arms.

Tips I often recommend to patients and friends and that I found extremely useful with my own children. I went from buying every device in the store for my firstborn (vibrating chair, white noise maker, etc) to simply keeping my youngest swaddled and wearing her in a sling. My youngest almost never fussed or cried, and at almost 6 is still the most calm of my 3 children.




I'm a trained Pediatrician and Neonatologist and now stay-at-home mom. I am thankful for this opportunity to spend time with my kids. I am a co-founder of L.A.T.C.H. Philippines and devote a lot of my time to breastfeeding support and education. I am also very interested in child development and my children are the happy subjects of my home experiments.

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