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The truth about vaccinations: Your physician knows more than the University of Google

Vaccination is always going to be a hot topic among parents. Next to breastfeeding, it is the topic I get the most questions about. Despite the powers of the internet (and maybe because of it), it can be very difficult for parents to find scientific and reliable information. I have been planning to write a post on this myself, but came upon this excellent article and am sharing it here. The author includes links to scientific resources, explains how scientific research is done, what ‘peer-reviewed’ means, and why the original published research linking the MMR vaccine to autism is flawed.  She includes images of what some vaccine-preventable diseases look like. The article is a bit long but explains everything simply – it is a must-read for all parents.

 I am all for making informed choices – I believe it is every parent’s and patient’s right, and as a physician I will always respect an informed choice. But making an ‘informed choice’ requires actual factual, reliable, scientific information – something that many parents do not often have. I am so thankful for this article – it puts into words everything I would like to say.

Violent metaphors

“A cousin of my mom’s survived Polio and lived the rest of his life with its effects. He was not expected to live past his teens but made it to his 40s. I am grateful that modern science can protect us from Polio and other diseases and I choose to take advantage of modern science to give my kid better odds of not dying from a preventable disease. I had heard a lot of noise from people claiming vaccines caused Autism, but never saw any clear evidence. It just seemed to me like people really wanted to point to something as the cause and they latched onto vaccines.”–Jennifer

I have been getting into a lot of discussions about whether vaccines are safe in the last few days. I’m not sure if it’s because of a post going viral about a (terrible) Italian court ruling last year (In contrast, American courts

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I'm a trained Pediatrician and Neonatologist and now stay-at-home mom. I am thankful for this opportunity to spend time with my kids. I am a co-founder of L.A.T.C.H. Philippines and devote a lot of my time to breastfeeding support and education. I am also very interested in child development and my children are the happy subjects of my home experiments.

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